Getting started

Life takes us on many journeys and sometimes if you stop and think about all the past stepping-stones (no matter how small) you have jumped you can see that a lot of time and work have gone into it , sometimes without even realising or intending for it to do so. This is true for me & my project LilBlu’s Thankyou. Good stepping-stones, sad ones, lost friends and new ones have bought me to this point. Which is wanting to make as much of a positive difference to people’s lives as i can and though social media bring something good.

In my 2016 I set up a Facebook and twitter page with the intention of running them along side this blog. However i became a mother in late 2015 and so my last year has been an adventure that i have dedicated my time to, because i love my LilBabyBlu. She is my world and although i would like to get this off the ground 2016 was just not the right time to do it. Saying that though in those 8 months i have built up quite a successful twitter account with almost 1k followers and i have really enjoyed sharing PayItForwards style tweets and seeing how much good there is worldwide. My facebook page, YouTube channel and this blog however all took a bit of a back seat and i think you can say rightly so!


BabyBlu has now established a good sleeping pattern and so i can give my time back to the project and believe me when i say if i can bring to life all my ideas its going to be an awfully big adventure (sorry ive been watching the Cbeebies PeterPan daily since November) .

So watch this space 🙂 and in the mean time please do tag @LilBlusThankyou in any post that are promoting positive feeling, kindness or helping others. Please also like my posts especially on Facebook and invite friends to the pages too. They are all about positivity so im not going to post anything that may cause debate or upset people. I also will not be over posting and filling up people’s walls because i know myself just how annoying that can be.

I hope you are all having a lovely week and continue to do so.


LilBlu x



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