Why do we do it?

I have felt compelled to get involved with charity fundraising since i was a young child. I can’t say if it was ‘drummed into me’ by my teachers or parents but i certainly have always felt a strong desire to help people, where i can.

To me, to look after, care for, support or show kindness to another person if they are a stranger or not is how we should act. To do anything else just isn’t something i can comprehend. When i offer help or support there is no hidden agenda or need for thanks or reward. For me the ideas of being rewarded or divulging in self-gratification really don’t cross my mind. Nor does the feeling of superiority come into play. What i mean by this is the desire to help someone ‘less fortunate’ than i am  because i am in a more comfortable position than them . Help everyone no matter their situation in life. As long as you are kept safe in the process, It is what we all should do.

I am of an age where i can remember the days before social media and so have seen the massive social impact it has had on our society and culture. It has become a fantastic way to advertise and promote, to keep in contact with loved ones and to share moments through photos and videos. As with all things there is a flip side to social media and many of us have seen just how ugly and sinister it can be.  In fact it was after i carried out a personal study of social media that i felt a need to use it for good. To promote kindness and celebrate those who help others, as we all love to see other people doing something to ‘restore our faith in human kindness’.  The key word for me here is ‘Promote’. I wish to give other people something amazing to aspire to. To encourage other people to act in the same way as the people whose stories i am sharing. Share the love and get others to pass it on.

My twitter page @LilBlusThankyou is now doing quite well and i have recently reached 1k followers and i am so, so amazed and grateful as i am connecting with people from all around the world. I love to read their stories and to share their acts of kindness on my page too. It was while i was reading through some tweets with the keyword ‘helping others’ that i saw a post that complained about people who posted videos, pictures or articles showing ‘random acts of kindness’.  Saying that they were only carrying them out to get the critical acclaim on social media. He expressed how it was morally wrong and that they should just do it and not ‘blow their own trumpet’ by posting it on social media.

This isn’t the only time i have seen or heard of such accusations as this either. When i was younger i was organising a charity swim and was telling people about it one night in the pub. I told the group that if i were to win the lottery i would certainly donate a large sum of money to the charity i was helping. This was when a member of the party said ‘That’s because you want to be in the spotlight all the time.’ I was genuinely taken back by this and i explained that i had a personal connection to the charity and that was my motivation. She continued to argue it and pushed me so much i left the pub early in tears. It has stayed with me though and i have always been aware of this negative presumption that people make to why you are doing something. I am sure there are people who will do things to ‘get ahead’ but i am not one of those people. I am just a young lady who feels a need to promote goodness and love. I do not wish to be in the lime light, in fact the thought of that makes me anxious. I believe that sharing acts of kindness, pay it forwards stories and compliments openly on a social media platform is positive because it might just touch someone and that person will stop and talk to a homeless person the next time they pass one, It might prompt someone to help a friend who has fallen on hard times, It might encourage someone to reconnect with a loved one they had fallen out with or it might just make the person on the other side of the computer screen smile. To me anything that has that sort of power is good. And at the end of the day if they are helping people and offering love and understanding and that’s all good in my books.

I would love to think of people offering friendship to others and to start realising that it can be the smallest of acts that can have to most impact & this includes accepting help & kindness when it is offered. Who knows, kindness could just change the world for the better. I’ll leave you with that thought.

Much Love

LilBlu x





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