The Sweet, Green Grass of Home

There is something special when you return to the woodlands you played in as a child. You start to remember all the dreams & games your imagination conjured up all those years ago and your ‘oh so serious life’ feels almost farcical. Today i found myself at peace as i walked through those woodlands. BabyBlu was asleep in her buggy and the only sounds were the birds singing, the streams trickling and the odd dog barking. The sun was out and there was a definite aroma of early spring-time in the air & for the first time in many years, i felt like i was home.

As a girl i had gone to the woods as an escape from my family life & as i walked back then, i would imagine how my life would go & it was never a dream of walking my daughter through the same woods that i once did. In fact i had intended on being as far away from there as i could be. My up bringing was not the best of times for me, to put it mildly & i spent a lot of my time wanting to ‘escape’.So, I guess the woodlands became a cover for me to hide under,  almost like a refuge & one i now no longer needed. So, thinking about it today may have actually been the first time i saw the beauty of the woodland in all its glory.

It was quite a revelation for me & it has shown me just how far i have come. That i no longer need the wood to hide from people. I am my own person and i am strong , i hold no grudges or baggage & that i can find tranquility after every battle i have fought. It’s like i can finally breath & i didn’t even notice until today.

When life knocks you down, when your childhood isn’t quite as happy and straight-forwards as those around you. You need to always hold onto the hope that life will get better. Trust that one day you will know the love you crave & that you can live in peace and happiness. Just stay true to your morals, be kind & considerate to others and just love. Sprinkle it around like confetti at a wedding. If it can happen to me after so much, It can happen to you too. Hold on to your dreams, they do come true. Just not always in the way you would expect them to.


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