30 Days Wild Challenge 2017

As technology progresses and our family life is revolving more and more around a TV or computer screen it is growing ever more important to promote time out and about in nature. Each year The Wildlife Trusts set a challenge known as 30 Days Wild . Through out the month of June they challenge you to fulfill a ‘Random Act Of Wildness’ every day for 30 days. Now, A Random Act of Wildness is about making time to connect with nature, or doing something small yourself to help & experience local wildlife.

BabyBlu & i took part in this challenge last year and i really enjoyed showing her everything that the countryside has to offer. I also went to places and took part in activities i probably never would have even thought of had it not have been for the challenge. There is a fantastic social media community now too and people post questions and wonderful photos of the wildlife they have found all year round. So if there was an odd-looking beetle in your garden if you take a picture and post it on the 30 Days Wild page, you’ll soon find out about it. Personally i think this is wonderful.

When you sign up, you get a free information pack with lots of goodies to help inspire you and help you plan your month. You can also look on sites such as Pinterest for ideas, which is what i did last year & even created my own board to inspire others.

This year i would like to kick my Acts of Wildness up a notch. So a picnic, won’t be just any picnic. In fact i’ll give you a small spoiler, i am planning a picnic or tea party with food made with flowers, nettles or similar. Something gathered and baked myself. My mother lavender cakes will be used for example. I have so many other ideas already, i’m quite eager to get started. One of my favorite Acts of Wildness from last year was a photo challenge, this will be returning with the title Nature V Urbanisation. Ops! theres another spoiler. Like i said i am so excited about the challenge. With this in mind i will leave you there.

If you think 30 days wild is for you, click on the links above and you can sign up for free right now online. Best Of Luck to all those taking part.


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