30 Days Wild – **SPOILER**

Last year during 30 days wild, I chose for one of my ‘acts of wildness’ to put together a photo challenge. So, I asked my friends to give me 30 ‘nature related’ things to photograph over the month June. Out of all i done, this was my favorite. I would really recommend it. For one month you spend your days looking out for things in nature, and you will find yourself learning about it as you go. For example did you know one of the best places to find ladybirds is around stinging nettles? Also finding a blue tit when you want one is near impossible! Because of this (the enjoyment factor not the need to find a pesky blue tit!) i wanted to give it another shot but ‘crank it up a notch’. I needed to get my thinking hat on and think how to go about it and by Jove, i think I’ve got it!

A few years ago my landlord organised for the paving slabs outside our front door to be redone as a few had become loose over time. It was all going great until the plants underneath (chives) broke through and started pushing up the slab again. I can remember being at awe at the wonder and determination of nature and this got me to thinking. Nature V Urbanisation. #LightBulbMoment

Over my 30 days i am going to get 100 photos showing examples where nature has fought back. It could be plants pushing through paving slabs or a river that has claimed back its flood plain or even a bird or animal that have taken a fancy to a letter box or old hat and made it their home. Personally I’m really excited about this concept and i have already started looking out for them.

One of the wonderful things I noticed last year about 30 days wild is it takes you to places you may not have gone to before and in doing this you see and experience new surroundings. It’s this thought that excites me. I could go to the city and discover the countryside trying to fight back or go to the seaside and see the shere force of the sea and waves over time. Who knows where the challenge will take me but i really can wait to find out. Only 16 days to go, better clear some room on my DSLR Camara & see if i can borrow my buddies good lenses again. Ek! Bring it on!




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