A Wild Week Of Walking

I had originally considered publishing my 30 Days Wild posts in a ‘dear diary’ type set up but lets face it, that’s just going to get boring and no-one wants to be board. So i will do my best to keep my post entertaining and informative. Promise!

When i started the challenge this year i had a good old think about what i wanted to achieve from it. I concluded that for me, personally 30 days wild is about inspiration. I want to inspire others to get out into nature and to learn how to look after and respect our local wildlife. There are days when i see people sat in a beautiful park or by a river with a phone or tablet in their hand browsing or reading blogs (irony) rather than taking in all that is around you. I really wish i just had the balls to just go up to them and switch their phones to camera to get them to see what is around them. There is so much people miss about the word and personally i would rather live an experience first hand than watch it through a screen as i record the experience. So my first aim is to get out and about. I mean if i didn’t after all i just wrote i’d be an insy-winsy bit of a hypocrite and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

So, week one was literally named ‘a week of walking’ , with the silly idea of including a hill walk in the line up. I also wouldn’t advise taking a woodland walk during a storm, which is something else i did this week. I wanted my walks to differ, to promote fitness, well-being, local wildlife and nature. This could only mean one thing, brain storm time! I wrote a list of walks i could do so i could pick and chose one each day. Because lets face it, as a mum of  toddler nothing is ever that regimented (oh how i miss those days!). I had quite a long list of suggestions, some of which i may steal for another or my 30 days wild. But here’s what i went for in the end;

  1. Early Morning Walk
  2. Hill Walk
  3. Country Town Walk
  4. Riverside Walk
  5. Wet Walk & Litter Pick
  6. Woodland Walk
  7. Power Buggy Walk

By day 4 my legs were feeling it, i think it is mostly to do with the decent down 200 steps with a buggy on day 2. It was one of those lovely blistering hot days too and Boxhill has very little shade. Thank god for cooling spritz sun screen & baby wipes is all i can say. It was a lovely day though & i sampled some of the best home-made lemonade i have ever had.

Boxhill walk

You’ll see the rather insane looking lady in burgundy in the bottom right. That’s me! We arrived home as a thunderstorm started and it was just too tempting not to have a dance in the cool summer rain. I even took Babyblu out for a bit, she is clearly as loony as her mum because she loved it & you shouldn’t let the rain ‘dampen’ your spirits! (you see what i did?) .

Oddly after the hill walk i would say the second most taxing walk was the town walk. It was another hot day and the town i live in his surrounded by hills and i walked up a few that day. I originally chose a ‘town walk’ as it was ‘The Day Of The Dance’. This is where our little country market town gets ‘invaded’ my morris dancers! It is actually more entertaining than it sounds but i am sure there are some of you who would consider this their worst nightmare. For BabyBlu and i, if it hadn’t have been for the 30DaysWild challenge my day would have not gone down so well. We saw 1 dance and then spent 2 hours hunting them down, very unsuccessfully. So i focused on the nature the town had to offer and had some quality time with my DSLR.

I certainly picked a good week, weather wise but i was so grateful for the few days of rain towards the end. It ment shortening my woodland walk from 5 miles to 2 & postponing BabyBlu’s nature gather & litter pick to later in the challenge. However i was determined to keep the litter pick as it was ‘Wold Environment Day’ and the rain was not going to ‘wash away’ those plans (oh, yes i went there again!).

The woodland walk was mainly to find poppies as it was the anniversary of DDay. I walked, and i searched and finally found one… at the end of my road!(typical) I do love a good woodland walk but in the wind and the rain its a tad less relaxing and so noisy. One thing i was surprised about was the birds, they were singing their little hearts out and could easily be heard above the roaring of the trees.

The final walk i needed to keep short and simple as i had meetings and all that boring stuff adults do in their life. So i opted for a power walk on my way to meeting 1 before being driven to meeting 2. To tie the walk into 30DaysWild i wanted to try to see how observant you could still be when walking at speed and it turns out you can be very observant , if you set your mind to it. I saw 2 herons, 4 signets, 3 ducklings and a couple of yellow wag tales. I also managed to avoid a number of snails who were out after the rain. Which reminds me i must find out why they do that!

Anyway, my week of walking was a success, i didn’t allow the weather to stop me, i spent very little money and i lost 2 inches off my hips. so i think that is officially mission accomplished!





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