The Week Of The Wild Toddler

30 Days Wild is a fantastic way to teach our children about nature or giving ourselves some quality ‘me time’ out and about. Last year BabyBlu was only 6 months old so it was more a case of her coming along to all the wonderful things mummy fancied doing. This year she is 18 months old and she LOVES being out and about. So my second week is all about her. A week of the wild toddler & i have kept it as cost-effective as possible, because getting out in nature costs nothing & learning about it is priceless.

Day 1. Sewing the 30DaysWild meadow seeds.

Day 2. Nature gather and flower pressing.

Day 3. Oak Leaf printing (On The first day of the celtic month of the oak)

Day 4. Bird Watching & Natural mobile (feathers)

Day 5. Bee Happy Monday. (Bee Count)

Day 6. A Walk in the park

Day 7. Visite a nature reserve. (Warnham)

I tried to plan our week thinking about BabyBlu’s interests for example she loves spotting bee’s so a bee count was a good way to teach her about the importance of bee’s and pollination. I know an 18 month old won’t understand the science of it all, but i told her about it all the same. BabyBlu also loves to paint & the second she saw the crafting box come out she came running & our leaf printing came out beautifully.


Each ‘act of wildness’ of course came with its own little quirks but all in all it was a lovely way to bond with my little girl & we both learnt something from them. For example BabyBlu learnt how flowers grow on day one by planting seeds & i learnt that toddlers love mud and will shower you in mud at some point during.  Then on day 2 BabyBlu learnt that sticking flowers is fun & mummy learnt that you should dry & press  the flowers first. I also learnt that no matter how many times you ask a toddler not to try to stroke the bee’s the more she chases them! I have really, really loved this and i am defiantly going to try and include her in all the remaining days.


Next week i am running with the theme ‘Old-Skool Wildness’. So i will be thinking back to all the ‘acts of wildness’ i used to really enjoy from my childhood. So jumping in rivers, and building dens. I would attempt to climb a tree but i am sad to say i am not as fearless as i once was or quick and nimble!

So here is to next week.


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