Why do we do it?

I have felt compelled to get involved with charity fundraising since i was a young child. I can’t say if it was ‘drummed into me’ by my teachers or parents but i certainly have always felt a strong desire to help people, where i can. To me, to look after, care for, support or show … More Why do we do it?

Welcome to the club

Entering the realms of parenthood can be a lot like stumbling into an alternate reality, where what once was seems almost alien & a little daunting. You will probably find yourself reevaluating your priorities and life choices & you will start to recognise the signs of a person who does not have children to those … More Welcome to the club

Getting started

Life takes us on many journeys and sometimes if you stop and think about all the past stepping-stones (no matter how small) you have jumped you can see that a lot of time and work have gone into it , sometimes without even realising or intending for it to do so. This is true for … More Getting started

Messy Mummy

So in December i got a new job and although it is long hours with no guarantee of a break, not great pay & not many perks it’s still the best job i have ever had. You see in December 2015 i became a mum & i have decided to leave work to bring up … More Messy Mummy